Complete, open, interoperable IoT System for Cities based on standarts


CitySys Modules
IoT Hardware

CitySys as a Digital Ecosystem

CitySys is The Data / Integration / Aggregation and visualisation  / Analytic / Native IoT Smart city platform created as a homogeneous system based on standarts and shared components supporting across domain semantic interoperability Cloud indipendent / ready for hosting in clouds based on local requirements

We Help cities build Smart Cities ecosystem and The Data-driven real time City Management.

CitySys digital ecosystem is a group of interconnected information and digital technology solutions that can function as a unit. CitySys Digital ecosystem are made up of suppliers, solution partners, applications, third-party data service providers and all respective necessary technologies. Interoperability is only one and most important the key to the ecosystem’s success. CitySys as one of market share leader create and control those Digital ecosystems.

The model how we do it has its roots and rules and is quickly influencing cities having clear way about sustainable Smart Cities process. The Integration of procedures between cities and regions, as well as integration at the level of the state and the group of states (B2B), practices, smart cities applications and data within our ecosystem allows an city goverments to control new and old technologies, build automated processes around them and consistently grow their business. Creating CitySys digital ecosystem map is a key to establishing a strong ecosystem your city.

CitySys as one of the best platform ecosystems is the best suited to cities that possess advanced digital abilities and select CitySys as an established platform from the start as well as a willingness to work with external partners. As a result, this ecosystem is preferred by

  • local, or global well-established
  • smaller or bigger tech companies
  • digital technology advanced companies as well as startups
  • high advanced technology developers ….

always strictly based on real needs and created digital map of each Smart city.

CitySys as a good example of a platform ecosystem with excellent GUI, that incorporates modelling, planning, analytics, digital intelligence, performance of cities as well as other important tools into one user-friendly option.



CitySys Modules

CitySys  Modules helps you in an intuitive, user-friendly and ergonomic organization of digital ecosystem of Smart Cities.



Acquired data may be processed, managed and optimized by means of the CitySys web application. The application is a set of several modules which address the individual Smart City sectors.



CitySys is an open platform integrating many applications which create the smart city. The collection, transfer and evaluation of data are secured via the complex management system based on the CitySys IoT platform in the Open Platform Communication (OPC) represents a series of specifications from suppliers and software developers which define the interface between the clients and servers including the real-time access to data, monitoring of crisis situations, access to historical data and other applications.

Its hardware offers a direct connection through standard interface and protocols, specifically: Powerline, Bluetooth, KNX, Z-Wawe, ModBus RTU/TCP, BACnet IP, EnOcean, DMX, M-Bus, GSM, 1-wire, and DALI. It also offers the standardised interface REST API.
With regard to the connection to systems of third parties, i.e. with systems already integrated in the City. CitySys is open for communication protocols MQTT, JSON, XML, XMPP, SMTP and RSS. Collected data are stored on a cloud server depends on requirements of each customer individually.



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