1. Edge

layer of physical devices

  • concentrators and gates
  • local network of devices / concentrator
  • sensors and actuators
  • data collection and field management
  • local device communication
  • measurement of quantities and reaction in space

2. Connectivity

data transfer layer

  • network management and equipment
  • network server and its network server API
  • Base Network Stations (BTS)
  • management of network equipment and communications
  • receiving and sending messages

3. Technical (IoT) Cloud

IoT data and device processing layer

  • „Ad-hoc“ analysis module and rule system
  • control the flow of data and commands
  • data processing and storage
  • management and management of physical devices
  • control the flow of data and commands in the system
  • „Immediate“ analysts and responses
  • data processing and storage („raw“)
  • management of physical devices

4. Business Cloud

business application layer

  • UI interfaces and applications
  • analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • domain logic, behavior and processes
  • managing and managing domain devices
  • system services and user interfaces
  • data management and extraction
  • managing digital twin objects and services domains

5. API Gateway

interface layer and data exchange

  • support modules over load balancing API (GW)
  • gateway for application services and data (GW API)
  • identity & access mng module
  • interface optimization
  • interface access control
  • manage and provide data interfaces and application service

6. Collaboration, Orchestration

layer of interdisciplinary scenarios and data management

  • integrated application data and service management module
  • comprehensive data management and application services
  • interdisciplinary scenarios over data and services of third party systems
  • catalog of data and application interfaces