Active Real-time digital twin of City

CityDashboard (Digital Twin City), which allows collecting and visualising informations from different city systems (such as mobility – parking, transport, safety, waste management, energy management or lighting management) in one place.

CityDashboard should be a clear, user-friendly environment in which the authorised authority(s) will be able to perform a series of operations (monitoring, controlling, KPI tracking, ROI, etc. Everything in one place is a basic premise and the reason for the existence of a single CityDashboard (partial IoT devices will not provide a comprehensive, unified overview, lacking an analytical module and interactivity)


  • real-time information and monitoring
  • possibility to create user alerts (notifications)
  • early warning of crisis scenarios
  • easy creation of custom KPIs and graphical analyzes
  • easy integration to existing systems
  • possibility to visualize data on map or charts
  • analysis tools for collected data
  • machine Learning and Data Anomaly Detection
  • can be used without the need for local IT resources

Customizable alerts - early warning of crisis scenarios

Custom defined KPIs – customized control mechanisms and conditions