Ability to transform digital data into real, user-oriented information

Turn raw data into remarkable outcomes.

Explore the industry’s only end-to-end approach to Active Intelligence – built for the cloud.

Are you data-driven, or is data driving you crazy?

Let’s face it, we’re buried in data. The potential is huge, but most struggle just to make actionable data available, let alone turn it into business value at scale. The good news: Qlik solves these challenges daily.

– In a digital world with many devices and multiple information channels, digital intelligence is the ability to transform digital data into real, user-oriented information. It is a very understandable tool that allows you to combine different data regardless of their origin eg. Excel files, ERP data, MRP data, or data from other platforms and maximizes the efficiency of the use of internal or external data. With the same ease, it processes and analyzes available open data or geospacial data, which, in combination with internal data, will help reveal hidden information. By their analysis and mutual combinations it enables to interpret the results of analyzes very clearly and to point to their further prediction. Thanks to application clarity and simplicity, it is also possible to look at data analysis to non-data analysts.

It brings a complex of digital and analytical tools. In the world, digital intelligence is the ability to present digital data to realistically oriented, user-centered information. The analysis of data and information makes it possible to understand the current situation very clearly and to point out the trends that condition further prediction.